Friday, 21 September 2018

Create a Sport

You will be needing a Balloon, pencil and a board to be able to play this game can be played Outdoors and indoors but not in small spaces because it might hurt someone if there is not enough space to through the pencil It is competitive because you are playing against someone and you are not in a team. The first thing you need to do is you have to put your hands behind your back and get the balloon and try and blow it up without your hands and then you have to tie it up then tape it to the board and try and pop it with the pencil. The goal is to hit the balloon that you’ve blown up without your hands and that you’ve tied up.

Thursday, 20 September 2018


this is my DMIC I had to work with Jane and Mia we ad lots of fun the first thing we had to do was we had to find clues and we had to go to each one it told us to go. When we followed all the clues we got to a letter which was the letter T it was so fun to do and a bit hard we got some of it wrong but we kept trying.


this is my DMIC for today I had to work with Jane, Sivaenah, Kauri and Kesaia we had to get a piece of paper and had to make a dot where t told us to put it and once we finished all the dots then it spelled something and it spelled Move your body I had lots of fun. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Reading task 1

This is my reading task. I hope you enjoy my writing. We had to write the different between them and the same thing that they have done. Please leave a positive comments.

The Red ball

This is my reading task. It was so fun to do. I hope you enjoy what I have done. Please leave positive comments.

Point of view

This is my presentation for the point of view writing. It was so fun to do. I hope you enjoy what I have made.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Ping Pong Catch

My game is called Ping Pong Catch. To be able to play this game you will need cups, a ping pong ball, a bat and some other people. You can play it indoor and outdoor but not in small spaces. You need to have 2 teams and at least 6 players in a team, one team have to hit the ball to each other and the other team has to have one person in the middle holding a cup and they have to try and catch the ball that the team have batted. When they catch it the people bating it to each other have to add on a ball and the person with the cup have to try and catch it.The first thing you have to do is 2 people have to hit the ball to each other. After that one person in the other team has to have the person holding a cup and they have to try and catch the ball. When they catch it the people bating it to each other they have to add on a ball catch it and they have to switch every time there goal is complete.The goal is to catch at least 5 ping pong balls as you can and the other teams goal is to make sure the person with the cup doesn't catch the ball that they are hitting.


this is my DMIC blog it was so fun and I hope you enjoy I have worked very hard on it and so have my group witch was luisa and lorenzo they are so

Friday, 7 September 2018

Table Time

this is my math today it was a bit hard but it was so fun to do I hope you enjoy.

Follow That Arrow

this is my math it was so fun to do and it was easy. Hope you enjoy what ive done ive worked so hard on it

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Animation script

Welcome to my animation this term we are learning about move ya body and we had to pick a sport to animate and I picked soccer because I thought it will be fun. The game soccer is a type of game where you can not use your hand unless you are the goalkeeper so the goal is to kick the ball hard enough to make it into the goal and the goalkeeper tries to block it from going in and he/she can use their hands or legs My animation will ensure you that if you just keep moving ya body your body will be happy and so will you, and if you do other activities you can be more active because you and your body are happy. The end thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed my animation I worked very hard on it and I hope you will try soccer it will keep you healthy and happy please leave a positive comment bye.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Beep Test

this is my work I hope you enjoy I had a lot of fun on it hope you enjoy because i have worked very hard on it.

Teddy town

this is my work it was so fun it was easy to we had to work on this and we had to see the different between a fair game and an unfair game hope you enjoy my blog.


this is my DMIC it was so fun I hope you enjoy

Monday, 3 September 2018


this is what we had to do today at DMIC it was so fun and we have new books to work in and we had another teacher in swell so that he could help us do it and we had lots of fun I hope you enjoy my blog I worked really hard on it.

Friday, 31 August 2018


this is my task it was so fun to do and I hope you enjoy it.

Number knowledge

this is my math work I had a lot of fun working on this. It was easy for the plus and times then another one that was easy was the working out for plus and times but on the fractions were really

Rolling Dice

this is my work it so fun and it was also very easy. I hope you enjoy what I have done.

Thursday, 30 August 2018


this is my math assignment it was so fun. I hope you like it I have worked very hard on it so please enjoy.

Sheeps point of veiw

this is what we had to do for writing so we had to write what the sheep was feeling it was so fun.

Point of view Writing

this is my writing i had to write about what the sheep point of view because Miss west went for a walk and saw the sheep it was so fun to write about.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Sarah's Safety pack

this is my reading task we have worked a lot on it and it was so fun so I can have some fun while I work on my task and the book is called Blood sugar.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Haoura writing

Hauora is a Maori word that describes a person's overall health and well-being.The four dimensions of  hauora are often displayed as the four wall of a whare, which provides the stability and strength.The four dimensions are: Taha Tinana,(physical well being or health)Taha Hinengaro(Mental and Emotional well-being or self-confidence),Taha Whanau (Social well-being or self-esteem)and Taha Wairua(spiritual well-being or personal beliefs).

Taha Tinana is physical well being or Health Physical health is condemnatory for overall well-being and is the most visible of the various dimensions of health, which also include social, emotional, spiritual and environmental health. Some of the most obvious and serious signs that we are unhealthy appear physically.

Taha Hinengaro is Mental and Emotional Well-being or self confidence, Mental health is what you think about things if you think positively or negatively that's what mental health is.

Taha Whanau which In English means Social well-being or self-esteem refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. Our relationships can offer support during difficult times. Social wellness involves building healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you.

Spiritual well-being or personal beliefs is a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. A personal belief is something you or someone else personally hold to be true.

In conclusion, The four dimensions of Hauora are Taha Tinana,(physical well being or health)Taha Hinengaro(Mental and Emotional well-being or self-confidence),Taha Whanau (Social well-being or self-esteem)and Taha Wairua(spiritual well-being or personal beliefs).

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Beep Test

this is my beep test it was so fun to do but a bit easy and hard at the same time.


this is my DMIC problem it was lots of fun and today I shared the pencil with my friends but I need to work on telling whoever has the pen if im unsure. It was so fun to figure out but a bit hard.

Blood Sugar

this is my reading task it was so fun and it was really easy but still fun.

Peephole Narrative

Peephole Narrative

Once there was 4 girls that are all friends but liked completely different things. One of the girls names is Jane she likes to play netball and cricket. Another friend's name is Eva she likes to play netball and sing. There is also a girl named sivaenah she likes to dance and the last but not least Madi she likes to play rugby and basketball. We all were still friends but we don’t hang out much so Eva decided to have a sleepover and she invited all her friends. All her friends were so excited so they went to her house straight away. When all her friends got there they got ready to play a game outside but they didn’t know what the weather was like so they had to look through the peephole and they saw lots of rusty looking mountains also they saw Ravine which they thought was unique and they thought the marble bench was so cool they loved it but the weather was very bad so they couldn’t do anything outside so they played inside and they all did basketball first and they all loved it. Then they all tried netball and they all liked it because it was lots of fun and can make you really fit. and they all tried what each other liked and they all loved every single thing.

Today I fixed my Writing and my partner was Le-shear we didn't need to do much but I just had to add some more full-stops on my writing.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

P1 W6-7

this is my DMIC task we used a rotation it was so fun. I think next time I should explain more about it because our group didn't really know how to explain what we did so i should really take charge of that.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Map of our run

This is my math task it was very easy and fun.

Strength of roots

this is my reading task it was so fun and embarrassing but mostly fun.

Movie Narrative

Movie Narrative

Once upon a time there was 3 Girls that were just starting school their names are Mele, Anna and Bella. Mele and Anna were very shy when they first got to Pt England school but Bella wasn’t. Bella could see that they were very shy so she said “do you need a friend?” but they were to shy to answer so she just assumed they they did need a friend. She would always help and look after them. As they started to grow Anna and Mele got less shy and they got to work on i pads until they were year 4, They were getting sick of I pads so they wanted to see if they could find anything else to work on, it was kinda like a treasure hunt. As they were searching they found lots of random things like money, tools, and pens they kept looking but they couldn’t find anything, It was getting dark and they were getting tired but Bella didn’t give up, so while Anna and Mele were asleep Bella was still looking and as she was looking she found a Chromebook, as soon as she found it she woke Bella and Mele up and she told them that she found it. They got so excited so they tried to find enough for everyone. They were still looking but eventually they found enough. As soon as they got to the point where they got enough they told there teachers that they found Chromebooks and there teachers allowed it.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

How the human body works

This is my reading task we will be doing another task based on the book we are reading but it will be different than this one. I had so much fun doing this task its so fun to answer but it is a bit hard.

Narritve writing plan

this is my writing plan we are going to write what we planed out and then we are going to make it into a movie. We will have to write something based on what we picked, I picked how Chromebooks came to be at PES.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


this is my Dmic post it was so fun to work out we had to work out what 1 10th of 3kg and what 3 5ths of 3kgs is. It was easy and fun I love Math. I think I should work on explaining what im doing in the book we write in.

Haoura 1

this is my reading assignment it was so fun to talk about what makes me, me.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

DMIC problem 2

this is my DMIC problem I had lots of fun trying to solve it. I think i should work on explaining what I write.

Friday, 27 July 2018


this is my math assignment for this week. we had to answer the questions.


this is my planing for my writing about our immersion assembly.

move ya body

We had our immersion assembly it was so fun. At our assembly we watched videos that were made by all the teachers from our school. Our inquiry for this term is move your body. Move your body is all about staying healthy and being fit. Team 1 did a movie and the people in there movie were Mrs saddler and Mrs dwyer Mrs saddler was the one that stayed healthy and had a good week and Mrs dwyer was playing fortnite and stayed up late and she had a bad day and that's why you should stay active. Team 2’s movie was to stay active wherever you go. Team 3 did a movie that tells you that you should wake up early and stay active even when your tired. Our movie was our teachers and they made a new game called spoon hockey and team 5’s movie was all the team 5 teachers were doing techie and that was telling us to never give up even when you think you can’t do it. I love going to the immersion assembly it is always so much fun.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

DMIC problem

This is my DMIC problem I loved the group I worked with because we got along and we all worked nicely together. We all use a strategy and that was to fill in the space that was left. I think i need to work on my explaining when I have the pencil.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Animation plan

this is my animation plan we had to write what we were going to use, what our background is, what our sport is going to be and what part of our body we are going to use.

Friday, 13 July 2018

My holiday

I and my sister went to my grandad's house it was very fun the first thing we did was had breakfast then we went to church. At the end of the church we played a game it was very fun. After that, we went home and did lots of fun things. After all of the fun things we did, we had to go to sleep. The next day we went swimming it was so fun we were there for 3 hours then we had some lunch and then we had to go home. When we got back we got to play on our devices for a very long time then our grandad said that we had to go and eat dinner it was so yummy. Then we went to sleep again. In the morning we slept in and we just played around until we did arts and crafts I made a dog out of playdough it was hard but I got it done. then the rest of the days we went swimming and it was really fun but the last we were there we watched 2 movies which were the Emoji movie and Enchanted. I love going to my grandad's house. 

Friday, 6 July 2018

Reading task

this is my reading task it was a bit hard but it was fun and in this task I had to get parts of the book and we had to match it with what the questions was asking and this is the article that we read Do you wish you could fly?

Thursday, 5 July 2018

paideia seminar

this is talking about the year 5 and 6 paideia seminar hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


this is my glider videos we had to make a glider and then we had a competition and to win we had to see who glider flew smoothly and who glider went the further.


this is my cross word try and find the words comment on my blog if you tried it.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


this is my math task it was so fun to finish it was a bit hard but I got it done.

Area and Volume

this is my math task we have been working on it for 2 days it was very fun to do it was pretty hard but I managed to get it done.

Thursday, 28 June 2018


On Tuesday the 26th of June we went skydiving. When we got in the plane the person driving stopped in a place that he knew was going to be safe to land after we pulled the parachute. The first thing we had to do was get some protective clothes on. Then we had to put a breathing mask on.

After we got changed and put our masks on we had to walk by the door and then we had to turn around and jump out the door backwards. We had to jump backwards because it was the safest way to skydive. Before we jumped out I was feeling a bit nervous. When I jumped out the door I started to panic but then I realized that it wasn't that bad and it felt so much better than waiting by the door.

The wind that was bouncing off my face felt like a cold shower but just on my face. It was freezing! I was okay because I knew that when we would pull the parachute then we would slow down and it would feel much better. I just didn't think about the coldness and I was feeling okay.

When we were in the sky falling it was so fun especially when I felt the clouds because they felt like cotton candy. It took a while for us to almost reach the ground because of how high up we were. When we were close enough to the ground we had to pull our parachutes and when I did it yanked on me and pulled me up so I could go a bit slower. When I hit the ground I felt so relieved.

I loved going skydiving it was so much fun. I highly recommend it to anyone. As long as you aren’t scared of heights I think you would love it. If you get a chance to go I hope you have fun.

Please leave a positive comment and I hope you like my recount of when I went skydiving.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


this is our DIMC problems task it was very fun because we got to build a animal with blocks.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Talanoa project

this is my extension project we had to make a movie about how some of our ancestors travelled here back in the days when they had no planes.

Friday, 22 June 2018


this is my reading assignment we had questions about the book that we read and we had to answer them using the sentences from the book.

Glider design

this is my glider design we are making gliders and we are going to do a competition to see whoever glider goes the furthest with the Lego man sitting in it.

Forces of Flight animation

this is my animation for this term I had lots of fun making it and I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Animation Writing

This term we have been learning about the forces of flight. I have been animating a tennis ball that is using the four forces: Lift, thrust, drag and gravity/weight.  In my animation a tennis ball is flying past lots of things. The tennis ball is staying up in the air because the lift is more than the weight/gravity. It is going forward and staying like that because the thrust is more than the drag. Thrust makes things go faster and go forward. Lift helps the object stay up in the air,. Drag makes sure thing don't go to fast it also makes things go slower and gravity/weight causes things to stay down at earth. It also makes sure that the object doesn’t go to high in the sky. In the first part of my animation there and two sisters playing a game of tennis. There names are Jane and Eva. When Jane hits the ball again Eva couldn’t get it so it went flying past all of my backgrounds. I had lots of backgrounds I hope you enjoyed my animation thanks for watching my animation feel free to leave a positive comment.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Task Diescription

This is my reading or this week. We had to find some country's and label them.

Friday, 15 June 2018

DMIC P1 W6-7

This is my math work for this week this was so cool and fun to do.

Sky high

this is my work for this week it was really fun to put together but it was a bit challenging

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Recount

On friday morning it was matariki day. We first started the day of with our assembly. Then when the assembly was finished we came back to class and found out which group we were in. A few days before matariki we got to choose what group we wanted to be in and we had for choices. My first choice was Cooking next sport after that it was Movie making then it was arts and crafts. I got picked to be in Movie Making and it was kinda disappointing because I really wanted to be in cooking but Movie Making sounded kinda fun.

We Were Making Movies in the green screen room and when I got there a lot of people were already there but we were still waiting for the rest of the people to come so we were waiting for a while. Then when everyone were there we got to read the script that we were going to act out and the name of the movie was stars in their eyes.

The first thing we needed to do was we had to find out who everyone wanted to be and I wanted to be god of the wind so I got to be god of the wind after that we went to get our costumes and they were the senior kapa haka clothes. The first scene didn’t include the costumes but on the next scene we needed the costumes. I was the person that created the seven stars. The stars were made because the god of the wind was angry because two people couldn’t be in love.

We got to film the whole day except for when it was morning tea and lunchtime. We couldn’t finish in time so we did not show it in assembly. When we were at assembly we were gonna play a game while we were waiting or everyone else to come but they all came before we could start the game but it was okay. We got to see all different kinds of creations and movies but sadly we couldn’t. Show our movie. It was so fun we almost finished our movie but we haven't yet so we might finish it soon and when we do it's gonna be on the PENN. I can’t wait to see what our Movie is going to look like.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

40-hour famine Extention

this is all about our 40-hour famine it was so fun but we could not eat at all and all we could eat and drink was water, just juice and barley sugars.

Extention Movie

this is our Movie that my group in extention made we had lots of fun making it.
All of our group got to do parts in the movie.

P1 W2

this is my DMIC problem

Thursday, 7 June 2018


today we got a chance to make some art it was really fun
I have drawen this picture because i really want to play basketball.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Forces of flight

this is my animation planing.

The Bucket

One day there were lots of animals and they were a Donkey, rabbits, birds, bees, a bull and a roster. They were walking in a big group trying to find some water to drink. They were walking for a very long time. When they were walking they saw lots of different things. Every time they went past somewhere they checked to see what it was but they only checked to see if it was water. The first place they walked past was a farm that only had pigs so they checked it but it had no water. The next place they saw was a school the didn't have much kids there but there was a water fountain but they didn't know how to work it so they left. Then after that they went past an abandoned house and nothing was in there so they did not want to check because some of them were scared and some were just so tired they couldn't walk. So the animals sat down for a while then they new they had to keep going so they got back up. After that they walked past the last place they forgot to check but the only animal that didn't forget to check were the bees. So they checked and there it was, water the bees were so relieved but they knew that they had to get all of the other animals so the bees ran to the rest of the animals and got them to come so they all ran as fast as they could. The bees drank some water first then the birds, after the birds it was the rabbit next the rosters then the donkey and last the bull. As soon as they were all finished drinking the water they all walked back to there home but before that they went to the donkeys farm and they were so happy to finally have some water but then all of the animals wanted some more food and they all thought that they were gonna have to go for another trip but luckily the farm carer gave some food to all of the animals then after that they all went to there own home the donkey stayed at his farm the bull also stayed at the farm the bees went to there beehive the rabbit went back to its hole the rosters went to the darn and the bird went to there bird house.

Today we had to show what we can write in 40 minutes without talking to others. we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Problem solving

this is my math for today.

Water jet-packing

Once upon a time there lived 2 girls named Riley and Sonia . One afternoon at 2:00 riley and sonia went water jetpacking at the beach. When they got there they ran straight into the water and flew of into the sky they were having so much fun. Sonia was flying low and she was almost was touching the surface of the sea. She was getting closer and closer to the surface the longer she was flying around. They were having so much fun until sonia’s water-jet pack ran out of water and they didn’t know what to do. Then they went back to shore and tried to figure out a way to fill it back up they were thinking for a very long time then Riley found out a great way to fill it backup and she filled it back up with the sea water, it worked as soon as they filled it backup they went straight back to playing around as if nothing happened.

They loved going jet-packing and they were determined to do this everyday accept that they don't want to ran out of water again so now every time they go water jet-packing they make sure that there jet-packs are completely full.