Monday, 16 November 2015

Athletics day

On Friday at point England it was athletics day the first athletics i did was rob the nest to play rob the nest you get as many balls as we can and get it back to your team.the next game I played was the sock throw as far as you can. After that I did high jump the high jamp was my favourite. Finally we watched all of the teachers and parents and even the students have a race it was so so fan watching them have a race.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Vila and Kele

Museum trip

Last Thursday on the most beautiful sunny day team 2 went to the museum to study dinosaur fossils we went to the museum on a bus. Well we were waiting for our school to arrive at the museum we all sang songs together. When we arrived at the museum we went to the Kai room and we ate morning tea. After we finished eating we went exploring in groups then my group went to weired and wild and we learned about herbivors and carnivors.then we went on the bus and sang beautiful song all the way back to school.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Haelthy juice

On a old windy Tuesday morning room 25 were making Haelthy  juice in the classroom. First miss Eadie cut some apples, oranges and carrots. Next I put the fruit in the juicer and it turned into juice. After that we put the fruits, on one side their was juice and on the other side was all of the skin from the fruit. Finally miss Eadie said "we can drink it now" the juice was yummy.