Thursday, 21 June 2018

Animation Writing

This term we have been learning about the forces of flight. I have been animating a tennis ball that is using the four forces: Lift, thrust, drag and gravity/weight.  In my animation a tennis ball is flying past lots of things. The tennis ball is staying up in the air because the lift is more than the weight/gravity. It is going forward and staying like that because the thrust is more than the drag. Thrust makes things go faster and go forward. Lift helps the object stay up in the air,. Drag makes sure thing don't go to fast it also makes things go slower and gravity/weight causes things to stay down at earth. It also makes sure that the object doesn’t go to high in the sky. In the first part of my animation there and two sisters playing a game of tennis. There names are Jane and Eva. When Jane hits the ball again Eva couldn’t get it so it went flying past all of my backgrounds. I had lots of backgrounds I hope you enjoyed my animation thanks for watching my animation feel free to leave a positive comment.

Friday, 15 June 2018

DMIC P1 W6-7

This is my math work for this week this was so cool and fun to do.

Sky high

this is my work for this week it was really fun to put together but it was a bit challenging

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Recount

On friday morning it was matariki day. We first started the day of with our assembly. Then when the assembly was finished we came back to class and found out which group we were in. A few days before matariki we got to choose what group we wanted to be in and we had for choices. My first choice was Cooking next sport after that it was Movie making then it was arts and crafts. I got picked to be in Movie Making and it was kinda disappointing because I really wanted to be in cooking but Movie Making sounded kinda fun.

We Were Making Movies in the green screen room and when I got there a lot of people were already there but we were still waiting for the rest of the people to come so we were waiting for a while. Then when everyone were there we got to read the script that we were going to act out and the name of the movie was stars in their eyes.

The first thing we needed to do was we had to find out who everyone wanted to be and I wanted to be god of the wind so I got to be god of the wind after that we went to get our costumes and they were the senior kapa haka clothes. The first scene didn’t include the costumes but on the next scene we needed the costumes. I was the person that created the seven stars. The stars were made because the god of the wind was angry because two people couldn’t be in love.

We got to film the whole day except for when it was morning tea and lunchtime. We couldn’t finish in time so we did not show it in assembly. When we were at assembly we were gonna play a game while we were waiting or everyone else to come but they all came before we could start the game but it was okay. We got to see all different kinds of creations and movies but sadly we couldn’t. Show our movie. It was so fun we almost finished our movie but we haven't yet so we might finish it soon and when we do it's gonna be on the PENN. I can’t wait to see what our Movie is going to look like.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

40-hour famine Extention

this is all about our 40-hour famine it was so fun but we could not eat at all and all we could eat and drink was water, just juice and barley sugars.

Extention Movie

this is our Movie that my group in extention made we had lots of fun making it.
All of our group got to do parts in the movie.

P1 W2

this is my DMIC problem