Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Summer learning Journey

Summer learning Journey 

The fist fact I thought was interesting was that the name Aotearoa actually means the land of the long white cloud. The reason I thought this was interesting was because I always thought Aotearoa meant a Maori legend but I never new for sure and now I do.

The 2nd fact I thought was very interesting was that the facts showed that the official language in New Zealand are Maori and English but then I thought to myself and Isn't sigh language one to write in the comments if you agree with me our disagree with me?.  

The next fact I thought was very interesting was that New Zealand was actually one of the 3 countries in the whole world that has two official national anthems.  The first National anthem is God Save the Queen and then God defend new Zealand, so does that mean we are the 2nd country to have a national anthem? write what you think in the comments.

Overall I thought this was an amazing and interesting blog if you liked it please leave a positive comment and I hope you enjoyed today's blog post 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Christmas Tree

This is our task for class on air. Our task was to sculpt something but it had to be something to do with Christmas. I hope you enjoy what I have done. I got to work with Sivaenah and Jane they were very fun to work with.

Thursday, 6 December 2018


this is my extension reflection i hope you enjoy it I worked so hard and it took some time

Monday, 3 December 2018


This is my DMIC for today I hope you enjoy it. We had to figure out what the net of a rectangular prism is. I had to work with Kolopa and Sione. It was so fun I would do this again. But it was a little bit hard.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


this is my DMIC I hope you enjoy. I worked very hard on it. I worked with Jane, Jerry and Viliami . It was so fun but hard at the same time.

Monday, 26 November 2018


This is my animation I worked so hard I hope you enjoy it.

Cave animation voice over

Cave animation voice over

Hi my name is Eva and this is my animation about cave drawings, Long ago, there was an ancient tribe from the country now known as Africa. The tribe lived off the land and had to hunt and gather for their food. In this land, the impressive lion was the ultimate prize because it provided food for the whole tribe. Only the most mighty and cunning warriors could hunt such an animal. This is the story of one such tribe, on an epic hunt to catch one of these mighty animals. The lion was looking for food but got confronted by the mighty hunters. The first person struck but died in the process, then the next person struck but died as well so they came up with the idea of having a group but that didn’t work so they got into a bigger group of 6 and that worked perfectly so they were happy and they went back to there hideout space and cooked it. It turned into meat then they got some big stones and used it as plates then ate it they were all so happy The End