Friday, 24 March 2017

Omaru creek

i am reading about how to keep our creek clean and why. this video will tell you a one reason why you should look after our creek.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Alfle Bloom Chapter 1

Today I finished a chapter in my book. The book that I am reading is called AFLE BLOOM.
I am going to tell you about chapter one in my book in the story there is a girl named Nora Emmett. There were many things that Nora Emmett disapproved of. These included whistling, tropical fruit for her, children who didn't hold doors open for her in fact she pretty much disapproved children altogether. However, at this moment as she sat up in bed listing to the darkness, the thing she disapproved of most of all was whatever had woken her up at three o'clock in the morning.

A work of art

A part of Te Taiao o Tamaki our reading were reading a play called a work of art in the play some students found piles of rubbish at the park and diced to pick it up and put it in the bins unflinchingly the piles of rubbish were actually a piece of instillation art to remind people of what being a guardian of there community  just like we are learning about kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoua this year as a school we are the guardian of our inverment next we read a new articular artist in  about artist in Auckland who had there installation art removed because someone thought that it was a pile of rubbish constructed by the homeless for shelter. 

looking at all our new Chromebook boxes we decided to make our own instillation art we had so much fun working together to create our very own sky tower using the Chromebook boxes.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


In class this week we are learning how to turn simple sentences into compound sentences.

Simple Sentences:
Sally went to the movies. Sue stayed home.

Compound Sentence:
 Sally went to the movies, and Sue stayed home.

The first thing I fixed was the full stop. I changed the full stop into a comma. Then I put a and after the comma to connect the sentences.To write a compound sentence you need to know what fanboy stands for.

Monday, 6 March 2017

maker space wetta hotel

First we put on our safety googles , safety gloves and protective shoes . We need all of those safety things because we were about to cut some bamboo sticks with a sharp saw. After we cut the bamboo sticks we had to put it on a table. After we cut the bamboo sticks we had to put it on a table. Then Mr Vogt went outside to make holes in the bamboo sticks .Eventually we got to thread some wire through the holes that Mr Vogt made in the bamboo sticks.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Creative writing

In the Holiday I had a lot of Ice Cream. The Ice Cream flavors that I had were Chocolate Vanilla and Strawberry it was very colorful and bright . It was really yum and when I got my ice cream it was melting because it was so sunny and hot. It was still yum even when it was Melting. It was so hot that it was turning into water so I had to eat the cone even when it was just the cone it was still really yum.

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