Friday, 6 January 2017


I would like to go to japan to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees and to go snow boarding. I have never gone snow boarding before and would like to try it. Mt Fuji is the highest point in Japan and sometimes has snow on the top. Japan has many volcanoes and earthquakes, in 2011 there was a tsunami that hit Japan and many people died. In Japan their ancient warriors are called samurais and there main weapon is a katana.

The capital of japan is Tokyo and has a population of 13.62 million. In Tokyo the coldest time is in January, Tokyo is located on the southeastern side of  the main island Honshu and the most popular language spoken is Japanese.


  1. Great choice Eva, try and keep on top of all your activities. Go EVA!

  2. This is AWESOME Eva! You're so smart! Well done babe 🖒

  3. Well done Moko, love your story. Keep up with your awesome work. Nan Roni

  4. Yes indeed Eva...great profile and thank you for sharing your facts about Japan. Absolutely terrific reading😊

  5. Kia ora Eva!

    Yay! It is so exciting to see you joining in on the programme. This is great! Welcome to the Simmer Learning Journey! You might remember me from one of the other blogs, but I'm Mark, a teacher working on the Journey and commenting on everyone's work. I'm really looking forward to what you have to say about Japan as it is one of my very favourite destinations.

    Those are actually some really good facts! It is clear you have done some really good research. You should be very proud of that. Also they way you wrote is excellent.

    Kia kaha!