Monday, 19 March 2018

DMIC math problem week 7.

This is our problem that we had to solve

Today we were learning to use add, don't subtract to get the answer to our math problem. I found out that I was good at our maths problem and found it easy but the thing I wasn't very good at was explaining what I did to work out the problem  without my teachers help. I would love to get better at that.

camp writing

In the morning last week on Wednesday the year 5 and 6 came to school in mufti because we were having camp at school on the field. I had heaps of fun kayaking with my brother because I think it was the first time we had fun enjoying the same thing in the water. When we got to school we had a little bit of time to play around, then we dropped our bags of in the hall and we signed in the we sat in the hall and the teacher told us about camp after that we went to do our rotation, our first rotation was a game called killzone, in killzone we had 5 pieces of wood and we had to keep putting one in front of the other to get past the lake then we had to do a ski race across another lake to get to the base and at the base we had to wait for the other team to get to there base then when they got there we had to try to hit people from the other team with water balloons and when the water balloons were finished we had to run to the other base to put up a flag and the first team to put up the flag wins and we won then at the end the team leaders had to say a speech that thank the people who set up the obstacle course for us and to tell them how much we had fun. After that we went to the big tent witch is called the marquee and in there we found out what we were doing next and we were doing the games in room 8,7 and 6 using cups then when we did that we went to the waterside and we all lined up and went sliding then after that we grabbed the hose and wet miss west, Mr summertime and miss Kathey it was so fun and funny to, then we had two more things which was free time and we played in the hall on roller skates, skateboards, scooters, table tennis and basketball it was so fun, the next rotation was on the next day and it was kayaking it was so cool me and my brother kayaked together and we almost beat the people in the speed boat because we were having a race it was amazing then we had another game and we played soccer with a workout ball and we were on bikes it was so funny I loved camp.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Comprehension Task

this is my reading task and it is called Comprehension Task.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

this is my reading assignment for today.


Eva + Sivaenah
Today we played a game for our literacy classes it was called dictation, dictation is a game and in that game there has to be at least 10 people playing because you have to be in peers of two, your partner ether has to have a devise or a paper to write on or your partner wont have a paper or a devise to write on when your done choosing what you are doing then the person with a paper or a devise to write on sit down on the other side of the TV and then anyone will write a sentence and he person that dosen't have anything to write on will tell the partner what to write then your partner will have to write it as fast as they can and then the first person to get the sentence right wins and this is my sentence Today was meant to be the day for the picnic. Sadly, it was raining today which meant we couldn't go! Miss West had packed her hat, and sunblock and towel. Hopefully we will get to go to the picnic later in the term as it is nice to go swimming and enjoy the sun at our very own beach!