Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer learning journey: Day 2

Activity 2

When I grow up I want to be a doctor because I love to help people when they are sick.
I always help my Mum when she is sick and I want to experience the feeling of being a doctor. This is a picture of me in the hospital waiting for someone that needs help.


  1. Hello Evangeline, I like your blog post. I tried clicking your link but it just said access denied. Maybe next time could you insert a picture of our work?

  2. sorry fixed it up have you looked at my other post

  3. That would be awesome if you became a doctor when you grow up Eva. I like the creative way you drew yourself Eva, very impressive.

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  5. Kia Ora Evangeline!

    What an admirable profession you have picked for your dream job! That would be a very challenging but rewarding job.

    A friend of mine is a doctor, her name is Sara.
    Sara had to look after a patient who was extremely sick and they were in hospital for a long time. It was almost a year before that patient could be discharged and go home.
    A month later, Sara was surprised to have her old patient visit her with a beautiful bunch of flowers to say thank you for all her hard work during that difficult time.

    That could be you one day!

    Keep up the great work Evangeline!

    Cadence :)