Tuesday, 18 July 2017

trip to Dargaville

Facts about Dargaville

Dargaville is a Northland river town with an interesting history. It is a great jumping off point from which to explore the Kauri Coast.Dargaville is built along the edge of the wide Northern Wairoa River, two and a half hours drive north-west of Auckland. Maori settlements and marae have been scattered around the area for hundreds of years.The township of Dargaville was established by Irish businessman Joseph McMullen Dargaville in the 1870s, during the heyday of kauri felling and gum digging. It was largely settled by Dalamatian immigrants, whose descendants still live there today. Dairy farming is the main local industry; the district also produces around two thirds of New Zealand’s kumara 

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  1. Hi Evangeline,

    Dargaville sounds like a pretty interesting place to visit. Perhaps we will both get the chance to go there one day...

    In the meantime, I'd really love it if you could please post a link to the website where you found this information about Dargaville on your blog site. It is important that we give credit (attribute) to the original authors of this 'Facts About Dargaville' article.

    Rachel :)