Thursday, 8 June 2017


The lake is very com and . Tonight the sky is very dark.                                                                                  
There is a very scaly creature in the lake we call this creature a taniwha. The people were in great danger because the taniwha had appeared in the lake.
One morning tamarereti woke up.  He woke up to a very bright sun.

Tamarereti went into a waka to get some food. He caught some fishes from the sea.
There was no more wind and Tamarereti couldn’t get home.  He took a nape to wait for the wind to return.
he cooked the fish so he can eat it after. As it was cooking he saw pebbles so he grabbed it.
Tamarereti put the pebbles in the waka.
As the pebbles were in his hand he threw it in the sky.
When it was in the sky it made light the showed him the way to the village.


  1. Awesome story telling Eva! Keep up the good work :)

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