Tuesday, 18 July 2017

trip to Tane Mahuta

New Zealand has many unique native fish, insects, birds, lizards and frogs. Our only native mammals are bats and marine mammals.

The herpetofauna animal group includes and reptiles. New Zealand has tuatara, geckos, skinks, and four species of native frogs.

facts about geckos
Geckos are able to vocalize and many New Zealand species produce a chirping sound. Green geckos are quite loud for their size and produce a sound more like a ‘bark’ 
Geckos have sticky feet their toes are covered with microscopic hairs that allow them to climb sheer surfaces and even walk upside down across the ceiling.

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  1. Hi Evangeline,

    You've posted a lot of interesting information about animals that are native to New Zealand. Where did you find it? Could you please provide us with a link to the website where you found it so that we can go and read more these amazing animals?

    Rachel :)