Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Bucket

One day there were lots of animals and they were a Donkey, rabbits, birds, bees, a bull and a roster. They were walking in a big group trying to find some water to drink. They were walking for a very long time. When they were walking they saw lots of different things. Every time they went past somewhere they checked to see what it was but they only checked to see if it was water. The first place they walked past was a farm that only had pigs so they checked it but it had no water. The next place they saw was a school the didn't have much kids there but there was a water fountain but they didn't know how to work it so they left. Then after that they went past an abandoned house and nothing was in there so they did not want to check because some of them were scared and some were just so tired they couldn't walk. So the animals sat down for a while then they new they had to keep going so they got back up. After that they walked past the last place they forgot to check but the only animal that didn't forget to check were the bees. So they checked and there it was, water the bees were so relieved but they knew that they had to get all of the other animals so the bees ran to the rest of the animals and got them to come so they all ran as fast as they could. The bees drank some water first then the birds, after the birds it was the rabbit next the rosters then the donkey and last the bull. As soon as they were all finished drinking the water they all walked back to there home but before that they went to the donkeys farm and they were so happy to finally have some water but then all of the animals wanted some more food and they all thought that they were gonna have to go for another trip but luckily the farm carer gave some food to all of the animals then after that they all went to there own home the donkey stayed at his farm the bull also stayed at the farm the bees went to there beehive the rabbit went back to its hole the rosters went to the darn and the bird went to there bird house.

Today we had to show what we can write in 40 minutes without talking to others. we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

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