Thursday, 28 June 2018


On Tuesday the 26th of June we went skydiving. When we got in the plane the person driving stopped in a place that he knew was going to be safe to land after we pulled the parachute. The first thing we had to do was get some protective clothes on. Then we had to put a breathing mask on.

After we got changed and put our masks on we had to walk by the door and then we had to turn around and jump out the door backwards. We had to jump backwards because it was the safest way to skydive. Before we jumped out I was feeling a bit nervous. When I jumped out the door I started to panic but then I realized that it wasn't that bad and it felt so much better than waiting by the door.

The wind that was bouncing off my face felt like a cold shower but just on my face. It was freezing! I was okay because I knew that when we would pull the parachute then we would slow down and it would feel much better. I just didn't think about the coldness and I was feeling okay.

When we were in the sky falling it was so fun especially when I felt the clouds because they felt like cotton candy. It took a while for us to almost reach the ground because of how high up we were. When we were close enough to the ground we had to pull our parachutes and when I did it yanked on me and pulled me up so I could go a bit slower. When I hit the ground I felt so relieved.

I loved going skydiving it was so much fun. I highly recommend it to anyone. As long as you aren’t scared of heights I think you would love it. If you get a chance to go I hope you have fun.

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