Wednesday, 2 May 2018

recount immersion assembly

At 9:00 today my school went to immersion assembly. Team one made a movie and it started with them finishing their work. Then they wanted to go to the beach because they finished their work. When they were driving to the beach there was a boulder in the way so the tried to move it. They tried everything but then they found a way to do it they were very happy.

After that it was team twos turn and they were making a lot of noise because they were on wheels and they were having lots of fun but there was someone working she could not work because of all the noise that they were making. She asked them to stop so they were very sorry and listened but then those people came back but in a different type of thing but it still had wheels on it. The person was still very angry so she told them to stop again and they did. Then they were all happy and that was team 2’s video.

Then it was team 3 turn and they were at a playground and they were just having so much fun and they were dancing and playing on the swing, slide, and the monkey bars and the song that they were dancing to was a song that was actually made from some tongan people and it was so cool that was there video.

Now it’s time for my team, team 4, on our video our teachers were looking at videos and found one and it was that you had to make an airplane so they did and they tried it on the stage but it did not go so well. Finally it was team fives turn and they did tug of war and they did 3 rounds and on the first round they had just bear hands and mr moran's team won but on the next round they had something that they thought were gonna help. After they choose it they went for another round then the other team won so on the last round they had something to make it hard and the team won again so mr moran’s team lost and the other team won and that was our immersion assembly it was very cool and i had lots of fun.

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