Thursday, 31 May 2018

Water jet-packing

Once upon a time there lived 2 girls named Riley and Sonia . One afternoon at 2:00 riley and sonia went water jetpacking at the beach. When they got there they ran straight into the water and flew of into the sky they were having so much fun. Sonia was flying low and she was almost was touching the surface of the sea. She was getting closer and closer to the surface the longer she was flying around. They were having so much fun until sonia’s water-jet pack ran out of water and they didn’t know what to do. Then they went back to shore and tried to figure out a way to fill it back up they were thinking for a very long time then Riley found out a great way to fill it backup and she filled it back up with the sea water, it worked as soon as they filled it backup they went straight back to playing around as if nothing happened.

They loved going jet-packing and they were determined to do this everyday accept that they don't want to ran out of water again so now every time they go water jet-packing they make sure that there jet-packs are completely full.

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