Friday, 11 May 2018

fiaia recount

On Thursday 12th of April we had fiafia I was in the Samoan group with most of my friends. We were the last group to perform but the person that was teaching our groups name is timmi and she said that they were saving the best for last so I was fine .We had a lot of practice and it was very fun but when it came up to the real fiafia I was a bit nervous but I was still excited to dance when we were waiting for our turn to dance it was starting to rain and we were all soaking so when we all got on the stage we were soaking wet and we were shivering but we got through the dance. When we just went of the stage I heard everyone screaming. Then we went back to our changing room and we had to wait for our parents to pick us up. When my mum came we went in the breeze to wait for my dad he took a while but it was fine so as soon as he got there we went back home I loved this years fiafia.

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