Thursday, 15 February 2018

Narrative writing

Once upon a time There was a little girl and her name was Jane she loved going down to the creek on the weekends and she loved listening to the bird humming, but one day she saw rubbish on the ground down at the creek and she felt sad because people didn’t put there rubbish away and they keep leaving it on the ground, so she tried to get people to stop but it wasn't helping at all.

Everyday she tried and tried to get people to stop leaving there rubbish on the ground but they never did, then one day Jane told her dad and his dad said “we will sort it out OK” then she said “OK” and his dad worked for the news people and he told everyone that was watching the news and he said “there is people leaving their rubbish down by the creek” after that Jane went down to the creek again and she saw a lot of people there because they were all picking up the rubbish and she was so happy and she thanked her dad because he got everyone to help pick the rubbish up and they lived happily ever after.

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