Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer learning journey

Activity 2

To Madison Moutuliki,

I am going to voyage to a different country in a waka with my family. I am so nervous and scared because they said it was going to be a very long journey. When we get in the waka I hope it will be sunny and smooth sailing. I am so happy that we get to experience a different country but also sad because we have to leave this country.

From Your Friend,

Eva Pakalani

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  1. Hi Evangeline,

    My name's Ruby and I'm one of the people who will be blogging with you this summer as part of the Summer Learning Journey. It's great to see that you have been working on these activities. Well done!

    You've written a great letter here. I like where you have talked about hoping it will be smooth sailing. You've talked about the sorts of feelings that the first settlers would have had nicely. What might they have been looking forward to about reaching a new country?

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over summer.