Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Summer learning journey: week 4

Activity 1

What me and my Family does for Birthdays is we wait for everyone to get here then we get some food then everyone eats and we play outside than when we're finished outside we go on our devices once everyone gets bored we go in the kitchen and sing the birthday song next the birthday boy/girl blow out there candles and we all eat some cack after that everyone goes home.
Image result for the best mouth watering cakes ever

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  1. Hey again Evangeline, thank you for sharing how your family likes to celebrate special occasions like birthdays. What sort of food do you usually have? What do you play on your devices?

    Have you ever been apart of a surprise party? I have one coming up, it should be really funny seeing my friend's reaction when we all jump out and scream "surprise!"

    I think we're having a barbecue and lots of kiwi desserts like pavlova.

    It should be really nice.

    Thanks for sharing,