Friday, 27 October 2017

sprint race track

Today instead of writing we went outside to do something fun. The first thing we did was we had to line up outside our class door. We had to sit down in front of the field. We were supposed to be quiet because we were in front of other classes.

We had to sit down in front of the field, next to Mr Moran , he had to half the girls, one half went to race and while they were racing some girls were cheering but we were supposed to be quiet so I helped them by saying hey you might want to cheer a little quieter. After that half of the girls raced the other half raced and I was in that half.
When it was my turn to race I was so nervous I was as nervous as my first day of hip hop class. Mr Moran had something very loud he gave me a fright so I ran fast but not fast enough so i didn't get up to the top 4
But that was fine with me. The same thing happened with the boys.

When the races were all finished the top 8 girls and boys had to have another race but there was a twist to the race and the twist was the had to do a crab race, a crab race is when you are on your feet and your hands while you try to run it was hilarious.

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