Friday, 27 October 2017

assembly writting

As we walk into assembly we saw stars on the roof then as soon as everyone sat down at assembly the light suddenly turned off . It was so cool everyone was screaming . as the stars were shining brightly on the roof I felt a little breeze going through me as the U.F.O passed by . When it landed on the stage two aliens came out and they threatened TO KILL PLANET EARTH! but before we knew it, two other people of planet earth showed up and they killed the aliens, our earth was saved.

After they made as excited for everything we started to talk about planets team one item was looking at all the planets . Team two item was singing a song about the planets . Team three were talking about time and the four season , the seasons were spring, summer, autumn and winter, finally we have team four team four had to turn the lights off again it was still really cool they had stars everywhere on them and Miss judge was singing the Moana song “how far i’ll go” but she changed the song into the stars version Madi said “this is the best assembly ever” And I agreed to what she said. It was so fun I loved it.

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