Friday, 19 May 2017

maori villige

As  i was walking further down the pathway i saw some more people sitting in front of the marae. The marae was very cool because it had different designs and it was very big . the people that were sitting in front of the marae looked very hungry so i gave them some of the left over hungi that the other people gave me. They thanked me for being so nice to them. They were very nice people.

As i approached the maori village i saw some families sitting by the entrance of the village. They were wearing very old and rusty clothes.  I saw some other families and they were getting ready to have a hungi. It smelt really nice. When they finished cooking the hungi they started to eat then they said “ would you like some” and i replied “ yes please i would love to have some” so we started to eat.  There was some left overs and they wanted me to take it so i said “thank you”.


  1. I really like this one Eva. Awesome my baby

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    1. Hi Eva, this is a great story. Well done keep up the awesome work.