Friday, 6 January 2017

Letter from Japan (bloggers bonus)

Friday 6 January 2017
Mt Wellington

To Mum,

I am going to Japan to snow board on Mt Fuji with my best friend Norah-jade. I will be gone for a while and I will miss you, dad, my sisters and brother.

I have stopped in Tokyo to see all the pretty bright lights of the city. I would love to live in Tokyo its my favourite place I've seen so far.

Wish you were here. 

Love from



  1. Hi again Eva!

    Tokyo is a really cool place, but you know where I liked visiting the most? Osaka. Osaka is really fun and it has lots of English speakers in it, making it very easy to get around. The people of Osaka are known for being very friendly.

    I hope you're enjoying learning about Japan and the Summer Learning Journey activities. It's all about keeping that mind of yours nice and sharp so when you go back to school you are on top of your game.

    What else would you like to do or see in Japan? They have cat and dog cafes if you like that. And really amazing department stores and interesting fashion. I enjoyed surfing down in Kamogawa, and there is a really cool amusement park in Yokohama. Kyoto is an ancient town with loads of old temples.

    Kia kaha,


  2. Hi Eva!

    I really love the way that you formatted your letter to your mom. You remembered to include the date and address before you started the letter. Well done!

    I think that you will have a wonderful time in Japan. Tokyo truly is the biggest and brightest city that I have ever visited. It is also one of the most interesting because you will see elements of the older, traditional elements of Japanese culture (eg. temples) located right beside the new shopping malls and stores. I have never been to a country quite like it!

    Mt Fuji will definitely be worth a look. It is pretty huge! I am not sure if you are allowed to go snow boarding on the mountain but you will certainly find a number of alternative places to go, if Mt Fuji is closed.

    Keep up the great work with your blogging, Eva. We're keen to continue the journey with you through Japan!

    Rachel and Mark :)