Thursday, 17 May 2018


Gravity Experiment

Miss Moala and Miss west did an experiment. They did it with one basketball and one small Christmas decoration ball Miss Moala took the small ball and Miss west took the heavy ball because she thought it was gonna drop first and that is also what Miss Moala thought that as well.

I thought the the big ball was gonna hit the ground first because the dig ball is heaver then the small ball, and because the big ball is so heavy, I thought that it would have more gravity pulling it down but then I did some research and the smaller ball actually would hit first because there is more air pushing the small ball down and less air pushing upwards on the ball.

Miss Moala and Miss west dropped the two balls to see which one would hit the ground first. It was the small ball but when it hit the ground it shattered everywhere so they don't really know who won. So they did it again but this time the small ball was a baseball so it won't shatter when it hits the ground.
When they tried to do it the second time the small ball hit the ground first so the tried it again but this time Miss Moala dropped it both and it hit the same time so it was a bit weird but Miss Moala probably didn’t drop it at the same time or it wasn't the same length of the ground so maybe that was it.

The reason why they hit at the same time is that the force of gravity tries to make everything go downwards at the same time so no matter how light or heavy it is. that means if you dropped a basketball and a baseball at the same time from the same height they will hit the ground at the same time 

The way to do this is that you have to have a friend and two chairs and you and your friend each have to have either a big ball or a small ball and you have to try and drop it at the same height and at the same time and see witch one hits the ground first and what ever won hits the ground first wins depending on if your playing a game or doing an experiment.

Miss West and Miss Moala's video:

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