Saturday, 19 January 2019

Designing my own sink Summer learning journey

Let’s imagine that you could design a sink that could gather up and then drain away any foods that you don’t like. On your blog, tell us what you would put in your special sink on your blog, list all of the foods that you would put in your special draining sink.

I am a very picky person when it comes to food. Most of the foods I like is foods like chocolate, chicken, mash potatoes, noddles, hot bread and some veges lots of other things. This is the list of things I don't like and also the things I would put down my drain.

  1. onions I really don't like onions because the taste for me is gross and also if you cut it it stings your eyes.
  2. pork I don't like pork because I find it very chewy.
  3. beetroot I just don't like this because it taste very gross and I don't really like the texture.
  4. some veges I don't like some veges because of there tastes.
  5. boil eggs sometimes boil eggs smell very funny.
  6. peppers I just don't like peppers because they are very spicy.
I would love to have this sink that would be designed by me. I hope you enjoyed this blog post .Please leave a positive comment on my blog and what would you put down your sink.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Facts about Bumblebees Summer learning journey

This was my instructions
To earn full points for this activity you must type all five sentences and then fill in the blanks for each one. Post the completed sentences on your blog.

This is my work

The word ‘bumblebee’ is a compound word. The word ‘bumble’ means to hum, buzz, or drone.

Bumblebees can fly very quickly. They can reach ground speeds of 54 kilometers per hour (km/h).

Bumblebees are very strong! They carry up to 90 percent of their body weight in food with them to avoid starvation.

Bumblebees can do more work and carry more pollen than other bees, including honeybees. In fact, they can do up to  40 - 50 times as much work as a normal honeybee.

The number of bumblebees is declining in New Zealand due to a number of factors, including the extensive use of pesticides.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Graphs Summer learning journey

For this activity, you are asked to use this information to create a graph. The graph should have a title along with the names of each city and their hottest recorded temperatures. You can draw the graph by hand or use a computer program like Google Draw to create your graph. It’s completely up to you! On your blog, post a picture of your graph.
This is the graph I made and this is how I did it. The first thing I did was I made numbers from 5 to 200. Then I wrote at the bottom, what cities I chose, After that I wrote how hot it can get in those cities and then I added some squares to make it more clear to see how hot it get and to complete my graph.

Monday, 7 January 2019

stay safe in the sun Summer Learning Journey

This was my instructions
On your blog, list five different things that we can do to protect ourselves from the sun this summer!
This is my work
1. One thing to do to protect yourself from the sun is to put on some sunscreen because sunscreen is the strongest thing agents the sun. Lots of people already use sunscreen and most of the time sunscreen does protect you from the sun.
2. The second thing to do is to were a hat to protect you head from the sun but it is still good to wear sunscreen because a hat may not be enough to protect you from the sun.
3. Another reason is to bring an umbrella to were ever you are going to especially when it is hot and sunny outside. the best time to bring an umbrella is when you are at the beach sand it is really hot.
4. You can also find something to shelter you while your in the sun and when you aren't in the sun you if you are near water you could go for a swim but hen you come out remember to cover yourself.
5. The last thing is, if it is a really hot and sunny day and you are a inside person you could just say inside but if you are a outside person then you can just do 1 of the other 4 things you can do to protect you from the sun.
Please leave a positive comment on my blog and make sure to include which idea you would use to protect yourself from the sun.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Summer in New Zealand Summer learning journey

This was my instructions
On your blog, tell us what time of year you think is best for tourists for come and visit. Be sure to share at least three things that tourists could do while they were here in NZ.
This is my work
In my opinion I think tourist should come at summer because there are much more fun things then if they came at any other time of year. When it its summer people can go to the beach, play outside, go hiking, and do lots of different things. Another reason why summer is the best time for me is because Christmas here is when it is summer and on Christmas lots of pretty lights and decorations on mostly everyone's house. It is my favorite thing to look at and some of my family like lights to so we all drive around and look at decorations and lights. It is so pretty and very cool to look at because it changes every year and every year it gets prettier and prettier. Please leave a positive comment and make sure to include what your favorite time of year is in New Zealand.

Fundraiser Idea Summer learning journey

This was my instructions
On your blog, list three different ideas or strategies for raising funds to preserve the Great Barrier Reef. What could you do to fund raise here in New Zealand?

This is my work
One way is to have a 40 hour famine. I have that idea because at school we have 40 hour famines. But when we have the 40 hour famine at school it's only for year 5 to year 8 who go to extension that get to join in. But you can do the 40 hour famine with anyone. If you don't know what the 40 hour famine is, it is a fund raiser for South Sudan. To raise money for South Sudan we didn't eat for 24 hours and we only got to drink Just Juice and we only got to eat barley sugars. We only had to do it for 234 hours because we could only sleep at school for 1 night but it was still fun.

Another fundraiser idea is to have a special sports club that allow ASD kids to join in. If you don't know what ASD is it stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder and doing this could be a very special fundraiser because many people don't want to have ASD kids in there sport team and that is because to them winning is more important then having fun and participating.  I think this is the best fundraiser idea because this is probably the rarest thing to do.

The last fundraiser idea is to maybe have a fun area. Basically you set up a lot of fun things to do as a kid and then when all the kids that want to join get to play with hings that they don't get or can't afford to get and then when it is time to end the fundraiser you let the kids have what they want and then you add up all he money they get and whoever gets the most money gets to keep something extra. Please leave a positive comment on my blog and make sure you include what fundraiser you would pick and also make sure to include your fundraiser ideas.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Polluted rivers Summer learning journey

Use Google to help you find two other polluted rivers in New Zealand.
On your blog, tell us:
1) The names of the rivers. 2) The location of the rivers. 3) What is being done to clean up the rivers (if anything).
One river is the Tukituki river. It is in Hawkes Bay people normally look at it as they walk past but they don't stay for long due to how gross it looks. When the rive wasn't polluted people use to get in there canoe and paddle across it but now that its polluted people can only look at it. people should take more care of it and even though it is already polluted that doesn't mean you can't try to take some rubbish out and if you can't that doesn't mean you can't look after different rivers and if you look after other rivers make sure to tell other people to look after a river and if they all look after a river there won't be any polluted rivers.
 The second and last river is the Waitara river. You can find this river in Taranaki. Like I said with the other river if you don't want any more polluted rivers you have to stop littering. That is because it doesn't just effect the water on earth it also pollutes the whole earth but right now it only effects certain places on earth. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please leave a comment and make sure to include what river you would save.