Monday, 4 September 2017


Today our class created a rocket with a super power because our korero for this term is Guardians of the Galaxy. The site that we made our Rocket on, is called ready jet go. In the middle of my Rocket that's what it says. At the bottom of my rocket there is a red thrust-er that shoots out fire when you launch it. There is metal on the the top of my Rocket, the metal is unbreakable and it's so cool. Its special super power is that you push a button and something opens then you type what you want then it appears in that little door.

There are a lot of buttons on my rocket there is one button inside. There is two buttons outside. When you walk up to my Rocket it is humongous.There is a button a the bottom of my rocket when you press that button there is a hover board that takes you to the door on the rocket. After that you open the door and sit inside. When you sit in the rocket there is a button and that makes you fly into the sky. It takes time for the rocket to go. To go, first the flames shoot out of the
thrust-er and it slowly lift itself up into the sky.

As we lifted into the sky we were heading to Saturn. Saturn rocks are actually small rocks. When we were traveling to saturn we looked out the window and we saw an asteroid. The asteroids were very big. In space there is no gravity. So You might need something to keep you standing on the floor. In space it's fun and scary. Fun because you can float. Scary because you could run out of gas and you might get stuck in space and because and an asteroid can hit you.

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