Tuesday, 11 April 2017

creek recount


  on Friday after assemble room 11 went to the Omaru  creek. But first we had to talk   about what we had to do before we got there.                                                                                              

when we got there we got to see some ducks and even some pukekos it was very very fun. 
the worst thing about it was that we saw alote of rubbish. There was plastic bottles and cans every were.

it wasn't as fun as it would of been if there was no rubbish.the water was very very dirty and there wasn't any fishes.


  1. Hi Eva Its Me your cuzzy i really love your writing about the Greek recount. Keep it up. Lu v from you Cuzzy

    1. Hi Wana thanks i will keep trying and tryng until im better then what i am right now luv u to