Thursday, 22 October 2015

Dinosaur adventure

On a cold windy and rainy Wednesday morning at 9.30 room 25 went to the park. There were big green bushes and a big lake and even big long trees at the park. Next Ms Eadie put us in grounps. Then we all had to stay in our grounp and line up. Ms Eadie gave each grounp a dinosaurus and each grounp had to put their dinosauru's where ever they wanted. Then they took some photos of their dinosaurus. After that Ms Eadie put all of the dinosaurus together and everyone got photos of them. Lastly Ms Eadie said "run back to class" because it started to rain. Here are some photos that I took.


  1. Eva I love your story and your use of descriptive language. Your story is amazing and I am so proud of you :)

  2. Hi eva it is me raewen and I like the way that you did not make anything wrong and keep up the great work from Raewen.